The top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits recommend 2023

The top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits recommend 2023

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I'm sure you've been looking for the best tattoo kits for beginner?

You’re not the initial budding expert artist that has asked, ‘’What do I need to begin tattooing?’’

We also get questions like, ‘’What are some of the best tattoo pens in the market for a beginner?’’ and ‘’What is the best tattoo kit for a newbie?’’. What you need to start with will depend on your preferences.

Well, you came to the right place for professional advice on choosing the best tattoo machine for a beginner.

After careful research, testing, and detailed comparison, we’ve put together an unbeatable resource to help find the best tattoo machines for beginners.  Check out our top picks below:

1:  Wormhole tattoo Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


It’s hard to go wrong with a Wormhole Tattoo Supply product, and while they have many kit options, the basic Atom Pen edition was our favorite for many reasons.

Pen guns are great because they are versatile; they’re convenient for beginner tattooers because they’re easier to hold and require little maintenance, and they’re great for professionals because they allow for more precise and intricate details.

This tattoo kit in particular has many essentials and high-quality tools we’ve come to expect from  Wormhole Tattoo Supply. Though it has a smaller setup than most of the others on our list, we find the quality to be much better.



Convenient pen-style design

Perfect power supply

Easy setup and use


It's not wireless

Price at the time of publication: $78.99

Package Includes:

1 x Wormhole Tattoo pen

10 x Wormhole Tattoo cartridge needles (5 x 5RL, 5 x 5RM)

8 x 30ml tattoo inks

1 x Standard power cord

1 x Dual digital tattoo power supply

1 x RCA clip cord

1 x Foot pedal

20 x Small size ink cups with base

20 x Middle size ink cups with base

1 x Transfer paper

1 x Blank tattoo practice skin

1 x Tattoo pen kit user manual

1 x Cohesive bandage

1 x Pair of blue nitrile gloves



The Stigma complete tattoo kit is the best choice when looking for a machine to help you practice the craft. The package includes a set of 5 popular inks for practice Drawing tattoos on human skin requires better professional ink.

Top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits

It is not a complicated tattoo machine; you can use it for lining or work with shading as a newbie. The Stigma complete tattoo kit can be used with standard tubes, grips, and needles. It is light enough since you are not going to use it for extended periods without a break.

This tattoo machine works extremely hard and does not bog down at all. You will also notice that the results are professional enough that even a professional tattoo artist would not mind using them every day.


Extra practical accessories

Easy to use

CE Certification




No clear setup instructions included

3: Wormhole Tattoo Poke and Stick Kit

top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


If you are looking to dive into the world of poke and stick tattooing, this kit by Wormhole might be exactly what you need. Poke and stick is the most traditional form of tattooing, and Wormhole makes it easy with this complete set of instructions and tools.

Wormhole includes pattern templates and fake skin to help beginners and new learners start their poke and stick educational journey, and even emphasizes that their needles are sterilized individually while also checked by a microscope prior to packaging and delivery.

The kit comes with a careful and easy to understand manual that will help clarify how to set up the kit, as well as a step-by-step instruction on how to do a poke and stick tattoo. You can use the fake skin that comes with the kit to practice.


Great kit for beginners

Good value for money.

Six months warranty on tattoo machines.


People hate the ink in the kit

Price at the time of publication: $35.99

Package Includes:

1 x Home Stick tattoo pen

1 x marker pen

1 x razor

10 x tattoo ink caps with base

2 x transfer paper

1 x black tattoo ink (30ML)

10 x tattoo needles (1207RL x 5, 1209RL x 5)

10 x tattoo needle nipples

1 x pair of disposable glove

2 x Disposable tattoo bibs

2 x tattoo practice skin

1 X self-cohesive wrap

2 x tattoo pattern template

4:Mast Flip Rotary Machine Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit

top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


The Mast Tattoo Pen Kit is a wireless tattoo pen kit that is powered by T1 battery supply power cartridges and includes needles. This kit is ultimate for anyone who wants to take their tattooing hobby to the next level. The pen is made from  lightweight durable aluminum and comes with a protective carrying case. The wireless technology ensures that your design remains precise and accurate every time. The kit also includes a selection of needles so that you can choose the right one for the job.




Simple operating system

Easy to hold



Not durable cartridges

Poor battery

5:Padieoe Tattoo Kit Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


Create beautiful, detailed tattoos that last a lifetime with this tattoo machine kit. With its cordless design and lightweight body, it's perfect for those long hours in the studio. The kit includes a rotary motor, 20pcs tattoo cartridge needles, and more, perfect for creating professional and precise tattoos. The machine is easy to use and offers a smooth and consistent operation. With its high-quality components and powerful motor, this kit can be the preferred choice of any tattoo artist.


High stability


High speed

Low noise


Easy to use


No power pack

Poor ink quality

6:Tattoo Gun Kit 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machines with Tattoo Ink

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


The Wormhole Tattoo Machine Gun has an exquisite design made of aircraft-grade aluminum that is lightweight and easy to work with. Its CNC frame helps the tattoo gun run in a more stable, quieter operation mode. Its spring is made of manganese steel, which provides strong elasticity, and the coils are made of copper, which helps increase the life of the tattoo gun. The sterling silver contact screw makes the whole tattoo gun more conducive. This gun tattoo is mostly recommended to use for professional artists.




Great design

Fatigue resistant


Might feel heavy for some

Price at the time of publication: $131.99

Package Includes:

2 x tattoo machines

1 x dual tattoo power supply

2 x clip cord

1 x foot pedal

1 x standard power cord

8 x tattoo ink (30ml each)

1 x blank tattoo practice skin

2 x nylon grips

40 x ink cups with base

30 x disposable plastic tips (5pcs for each.3RT/7RT/11RT/7FT/11FT/15FT)

30 x tattoo needles (5pcs for each.3RL/07RL/11RL/7M1/11M1/15M1)

10 x O-ring

10 x colorful grommets

10 x colorful rubber bands

1 x Allen key set

2 x tattoo transfer paper

1 pair of blue nitrile gloves

1 X aluminum case

1 X manual

7:Gbrand LQ Rotary Tattoo Kit

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


If you’re planning to make tattooing a profession, Gbrand gives a robust and reliable tattoo machine kit that can get you started strong. It is made from space aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight. It performs at a speed of 9000R/min. The power of a high-quality German motor ensures stability to let you make every tattoo design with precision. The machine is compatible with all cartridge needles. It offers a continuous and stable power supply. The kit has dual switch mode, which allows you to create tattoos without stepping on the drive. What makes this tattoo kit outstanding is its low-noise speed operation.



Convenient design

Bonus supply of ink cups

Ergonomically designed


Small case

8:Tatelf G12 Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


The Tatelf G12 Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit is compatible with all cartridge needles for tattooing. It comes with 6 inks bottles which you can use for practicing. The kit has 20 pieces of cartridge needles and ten pieces of tattoo ink cups. The machine operates quietly, thanks to its robust motor and a high-end gear system. It also vibrates less than any coil machine gun available. It’s made of aviation aluminum that makes it lightweight and easy for handling. You can use this machine for permanent tattoo makeup, including liner, lip, and eyebrows.




Non-slip handle

Adjustable knob

Compact design


Thin power cord

9:Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


This product is ideal for people who are just starting out as tattoo artists, and who would be better off working with equipment that is rather easy to use. However, they are also perfectly compatible with more experienced professionals.

The machines (4 in number) are easy to work with and tune, with a reliable power supply. They are made of steel and yet remain light in weight, being run by magnetic coils (which is much less noisy). They are ideal for lining and shading.

This kit also comes with premium, pure, easy to apply and sterlisable tattoo ink produced by USA-based brand Radiant Colors. This is what sets this kit apart from other products, which make use of cheaper ink. The fluid is homogenous to provide a solid, bright, long-lasting colour.

The limited edition of the pack also includes a book titled Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo, which is realistic and ideal for any person seeking to get apprenticeship as a tattoo artist.


Easy to tune tattoo machines

Quality tattoo ink

Comes with the book Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoos


Clip cord is fragile

Power supply can be inconsistent

10:Rhein Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit.

 top 10 beginner&Starter tattoo kits


Start creating stunning art today with the Rhein Tattoo Kit. This portable kit contains all you need to begin learning and practicing the art of tattooing. It includes a top-of-the-line wireless rotary tattoo machine, a cordless battery power supply, and 20 mixed tattoo cartridges. The hand poke stick allows you to apply the ink with greater precision than ever before. With it, you'll be able to create stunning tattoo designs in the comfort of your own home.



High torque

Stable needles

Powerful motor

Comfortable grip

High durability


Poor packaging



Choosing the best tattoo kits for beginner depends on your own needs, skill level, and tool preference. Get a feel for different machines through artist friends before investing in your own. You want a machine that is within your budget but will produce high-quality results. And you should ensure that you have extensive practice on fake skin before moving on to tattooing yourself or others.We hope that you found our guide useful and that you’re now looking forward to getting your own tattoo kit and starting your tattoo journey.