Wormhole 2 Pro Machine Gun Kit


Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners Tattoo Power Supply Kit 20 Tattoo Inks 20 Tattoo Needles 2 Pro Tattoo Machine Kit Tattoo Supplies TK1000077

Package includes:
-2 x tattoo machines
-1 x tattoo power supply
-1 x clip cord;foot pedal
-1 x standard power cord
-20 x random color 5ml tattoo inks
-1 x 30ml tattoo ink
-1 x blank tattoo practice skin
-2 x aluminum grips
-20 x small ink cups with base 
-20 x medium ink cups with base 
-20 x disposable plastic tips
-20 x tattoo needles
-2 x stainless steel tattoo tips 
-1 x tip brushes set
-10 x O-ring;colorful grommets
-10 x colorful rubber bands
-1 x Allen key set; Ointment
-2 x tattoo transfer paper
-1 x pair of blue nitrile gloves


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