Short Tattoo Pen for Liner and Shader

Custom engraving belongs to your tattoo pen only, Leave and customize your own name (10 letters limited) to

1. Connection: RCA Cord 
2. Material: Aluminum Alloy 
3. Process: Integrated Carving 
4. Motor: Mabuchi to 24mm Motor 
5. Starting Voltage: 7v 
6. Working Voltage: 8-10V
7. Net weight: 127g
8. Gross weight: 298g
9. Size: 86*32mm

1. Mabuchi to 24mm motor 10v 1w turn, power is big, secant fog is more than enough
2. One-piece hand-woven ergonomic design works well, accessories and accessories have small gaps and wear resistance
3. Applicable to all kinds of cartridge needles on the market are not loose
4. Power is large - frequency is stable - work is not hot - normal temperature is close to the human body around 33℃ (body temperature 36℃)
5. Short pen structure, novel appearance, new structure
6. Carved hand-cut trim, non-slip design, feel good

-1 * Tattoo Pen
-1 * RCA Clip Cord

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