Price Guarantee refund rules, what is the process?

Orders with the price guarantee logo during the Wormhole Tattoo promotion are eligible for price protection, the specific time of the price guarantee is based on the price guarantee service period marked on the order. The price guarantee can be initiated through our email: During the price guarantee period, i.e. within 15 days after the end of Tmall’s special large-scale marketing activities, if the price of the same product is reduced (excluding shipping costs and taxes), consumers can apply for a refund of the price difference in accordance with these rules, and the system will calculate the difference according to the price guarantee rules.

Warm tips

  • The application time is subject to the order placement time.
  • Only one successful application for price guarantee service is allowed for a product.
  • The system will automatically calculate the price difference.
  • The time limit for processing price difference refunds is usually no more than 48 hour
What is the process?
  1. First of all, the mind must be correct.
  2. If the goods were bought and not opened, you can return them first, but you can’t buy them again, so you should pay the shipping costs.
  3. before refunding the difference in price, each person also needs to ask customer service if they can refund and what is the amount that can be refunded.
  4. After confirming that you can return the goods, you usually have to confirm that it is the correct amount first.
  5. Select the status of the goods, and the reason for the refund and enter the refund amount. Usually, it is a shipping refund. If customer service says to follow the requirements.
  6. after submitting an Email to Wormhole Tattoo, you can wait for the merchant to process it.

Usually, the seller will agree, as long as the refund continues to be followed. However, there are special circumstances. For example, if the seller refuses, it is necessary to submit the request again after negotiation.

What does the 15-day price guarantee mean?

The 15-day price guarantee means that within 15 days of the end of a Taobao marketing campaign, the price of a particular item is reduced (excluding shipping and taxes), and according to the price guarantee, consumers who purchase this item can apply to the seller to make up the difference in price, and the system will calculate the difference in the price of the item and make up the difference according to the price guarantee rules If you find yourself purchasing goods with a price guarantee logo, whether it is 15 days or 30 days, as long as there is a price reduction during this period, you can apply for compensation, the application process is as follows:

Send an Email to: Share your order number and placement time. Calculate the price. Wait for the system result.
Note: Not all products participating in the event will have a price guarantee service. Through the above introduction, we understand that a Taobao refund of the price difference is a refund of the price difference after the goods have been received and confirmed. The meaning of the 15-day price guarantee has also been introduced above.

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