Comprehensive Evaluation Report of Wormhole tattoo pen

Comprehensive Evaluation Report of Wormhole tattoo pen

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This pen is the latest tattoo machine for wormhole tattoos. Let me bring you a comprehensive evaluation. I also compared the tattoo machines of several other major brands on the market. And tell you the newest type of wormhole tattoo-Ares from the aspects of tattoo effect, machine experience, machine price, etc. Even in a work, a professional tattoo artist will often repeatedly change different machines and tattoo methods in order to obtain a better tattoo effect, so as to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the tattoo pen. Therefore, I invited our long-term wormhole tattoo partner, the famous professional tattoo artist-Ghost Hand. Through the practical operation, show us the advantages and disadvantages of this machine, and then compare with other machines he has used, so that everyone can clearly understand how to choose a tattoo pen.

Tattoo Pen Kit with 5 Tattoo Ink

tattoo pen kitThe following are evaluations from professional tattoo artists--Ghost's hand:

Structure: High-frequency high-precision motor + inclined plate transmission + spring return rod + I-shaped hard steel transmission rod. Form: The pen-like form is its biggest advantage. It has no direction (it is also recommended to use a straight head as a connecting line), and there are no restrictions on the front and rear and holding positions, so the direction of the technology is completely unrestricted and becomes more abundant, and the machine is relatively thin (25 mm in diameter) and Lighter (130 grams), and the posture of the handle is very stable. The tattoo artist can use the ability to hold a pen and a pencil so that various techniques can be easily used in the tattoo process. But this is also because it is lighter, relatively speaking, it does not have a strong hand feeling, nor does it have that very stable feeling. During slow penetration, a little hand power is needed to control the penetration depth. Strength: Its strength is relatively moderate, and more often it needs to be compensated by hand pressure or the high-frequency speed of the machine. Frequency: Its frequency should be the fastest. At a frequency of 12 volts, it feels that its penetration has reached 100 times per second. Soft and hard. Relatively moderate, a little harder. The coloring is clear, and the transition is not smooth enough. Stroke: 3.5mm, which basically meets all puncturing methods.

Tattoo pen kit

Tattoo effects by Ares Tattoo pen:

Make the eye part, and use the fork 15 to make the details.

The tattoo machine works continuously for about 6 hours and is still very stable, and there is no weak heat.

Although the line part of the tattoo is not completed, take this opportunity to understand the performance and tattoo effect of this tattoo machine more clearly

To sum up:

Advantages: pen style, rich technology, lightweight, fast speed, relatively medium and soft strength, hard piercing feeling, faster coloring. Disadvantages: The transition of the mask is not smooth, and piercing a uniform mask requires some experience. Secant is relatively difficult, and the speed of the hand cannot be too fast. There is no doubt that this is a very cost-effective tattoo pen. The machine is basically a universal type. Very good in every way. It can be fast or slow. When used steadily, there is nothing impenetrable, this is the best usage. Easy, if you just want to impress the world with a tattoo machine, I would definitely recommend this pen!