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Product Development

The tattoo products R&D department is one of our most important departments in Wormhole Tattoo. Our colleagues focus on upgrading existing products and creating revolutionary tattoo products. Since our establishment in 2016, our product development team has been devoted to researching and learning advanced technologies from Germany and Japan. We keep listening to the suggestions of professional tattoo artists, and then improve our products in a targeted manner. Some products are produced in Germany or Japan and assembled in China. We believe that artificial intelligence and ergonomically designed tattoo products will appear in the future, and this is what we are doing now.



Wu Jian

Wu Jian founded Wormhole Tattoo in the United States in 2016. As a professional tattoo product designer, he has been in the tattoo field for more than 10 years. His tattoo pens are very popular in Southeast Asia and many European countries. For more than ten years, he has always regarded safety as the first creed, and he believes that safety is the top priority for tattoo lovers. Since the establishment of the Wormhole Tattoo, he has been committed to designing and producing safe, innovative, convenient and reliable tattoo products. We work hard to help more and more tattoo artists create more amazing tattoo works.

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