Home Stick Tattoo Kit
Home Stick Tattoo Kit
Home Stick Tattoo Kit
Home Stick Tattoo Kit
Home Stick Tattoo Kit

Home Stick Tattoo Kit

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Guide to Home Stick Tattoos

The Home stick is a method of tattooing. A home stick tattoo is also called a hand-poked tattoo or machine-free tattoo. The tattoo process is the same as a tattoo machine (gun), but the needle is hand-powered rather than electric. Fundamentally, a home stick tattoo is created by dipping the tattoo needle into ink and then poking it into the skin dot by dot. The method of getting inked is simple. There is no aggressive machine buzz or equipment. It generally doesn’t hurt as much as a machine tattoo either. This is because it's less invasive and also means the skin heals quicker. Home stick Tattoos are still REAL & PERMANENT Tattoos. Our goal with this DIY Hand Poke Tattoo Kit was to provide all of the needed and extra tattoo items for any skill-level artist to be able to safely, cleanly, and properly home-stick amazing tattoos.  Wormhole Tattoo Home Stick tattoo kit wants to help you home-stick a tattoo, and do it safely and cleanly. We have our own collections of home stick tattoo art pieces and will continue to develop our personal collections.

Home Stick Kit Includes

1 x Home Stick tattoo pen

1 x marker pen

1 x razor

10 x tattoo ink caps with base

2 x transfer paper

1 x black tattoo ink (30ML)

10 x tattoo needles (1207RL x 5, 1209RL x 5)

10 x tattoo needle nipples

1 x pair of disposable glove

2 x Disposable tattoo bibs

2 x tattoo practice skin

1 X self-cohesive wrap

2 x tattoo pattern template

Why Home Stick Kit

A Home Stick tattoo kit is much cheaper than a tattoo gun kit, but it can be used to make DIY tattoos, especially small tattoos. It is much easier to assemble a home stick tattoo kit than a tattoo gun kit.

Advice for You

Please do not tattoo on human skin if you are not a professional tattoo artist. You may hurt yourself. If you still want to tattoo on real skin, you had better buy professional tattoo ink that can stick to the skin better than the one in the kit.

Notice: This tattoo kit is only for use by adults. Without guardian permission, children and teenagers are not allowed to buy tattoo equipment.