Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit
Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

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Tattoo Pen Kit Listing

Tattoo Pen

1 x Wormhole Tattoo pen
10 x Wormhole Tattoo cartridge needles (5 x 5RL, 5 x 5RM)
8 x 30ml tattoo inks
1 x Standard power cord
1 x Dual digital tattoo power supply
1 x RCA clip cord
1 x Foot pedal

20 x Small size ink cups with base
20 x Middle size ink cups with base
1 x Transfer paper
1 x Blank tattoo practice skin
1 x Tattoo pen kit user manual
1 x Cohesive bandage
1 x Pair of blue nitrile gloves

Tattoo Pen Features

Tattoo pen length: 89mm
Working voltage: 8-10V
Start voltage: 5V
Frequency: 55-165 Hz
Tattoo pen grip diameter: 30mm
Switch: 1W r/min at 10V
Stroke length: 4.0mm
Needle depth: 0 – 4.0mm adjustable

  1. A long stroke length can be used for color packing and black and gray shading work when done with a trained, fast hand. When working with a stroke length of 4.0mm and beyond, you’ve got enough momentum and heavy-hitting to pack in a lot of ink with one pull.
  2. Wormhole tattoo pen comes with RCA clip cord, you don’t have to buy a clip cord separately.

Tattoo Power Supply Features

1. Light weight design: Made of plastic
2. Wormhole hexagon power supply comes with self-lock function, which means tattoo pen can work without foot pedal if you turn on this function key.
3. Adjust power by 0.1V

Tattoo Ink

8 basic colors allow you to create any color you want. This tattoo ink set is the best partner for practicing tattoo skills on fake skin.

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

WTK069 tattoo kit comes with 5pcs liner needle cartridges and 5pcs shader needle cartridges. Tattoo needles marked with “RL” are used for doing lines, marked with “RM” are used for shading and color fill. Needle size can be found on the package. For practicing on fake skin, it can be reused. Each needle single packed.

Tattoo tips for tattoo beginners

1. Minors may not buy this tattoo kit without a parent or legal guardian. Minors may not receive a tattoo.
2. Please don’t use the ink in this kit to tattoo on real skin. It is recommended to buy radiant colors ink to tattoo on human skin.




Customer Reviews

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Michael Bowyer

Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Jayson Cooper

Easily tattooed myself with no issues. (Used different ink than the ones provided of course)

Daughters birthday

Got this kit for her and she really loves it..very nice beginner set..