Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord
Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord
Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord
Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord
Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord
Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord

Tattoo Pen Kit with Clip Cord

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Tattoo Pen Kit Listing

1 x tattoo pen with RCA cord
1 x tattoo power supply (1.5A)
1 x standard power cord
20 x Tattoo needle cartridge (3RL, 5RL, 5RM, 7RM 5pcs for each)
1 x plastic Foot pedal

8 X tattoo ink (8 different colors)
40 X tattoo ink caps
1 x disposable gloves
1 x blank tattoo practice skin
1 x tattoo grip tape
2 x tattoo transfer paper

Tattoo Pen Features

Tattoo pen length: 115mm
Working voltage: 6-10V
Start voltage: 5V
Tattoo pen grip diameter: 21mm
Switch: 1W r/min at 8V
Stroke length: 3.5mm
Needle depth: 0 – 3.5mm adjustable

  • The 3.5mm is best for packing color and blending and widely used by tattoo artists. With a middle-grade speed, hit, and retraction, it’s got a good, reliable amount of momentum for most tattooing. A medium stroke length can handle working with smaller needle groupings but will struggle with heavy liners and magnums.
  • Wormhole tattoo pen comes with RCA clip cord, you don’t have to buy a clip cord separately.

Tattoo Power Supply Features

1. Light weight design: Made of plastic
2. Wormhole hexagon power supply comes with self-lock function, which means tattoo pen can work without foot pedal if you turn on this function key.
3. Adjust power by 0.1V

Tattoo Ink

8 basic colors allow you to create any color you want. This tattoo ink set is best partner fo practicing tattoo skills on fake skin.

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

DWTK070 tattoo kit comes with 10pcs liner needle cartridges and 10pcs shader needle cartridges. Tattoo needles marked with “RL” are used for doing lines, marked with “RM” are used for shading and color fill. Needle size can be found on the package. For practicing on fake skin, it can be reused. Each needle single packed.

Wormhole Tattoo Products Warranty

Wormhole power supply have 12 month warranty.

Wormhole tattoo pen have 12 month warranty.

Wormhole tattoo foot pedal has 6 month warranty.

Tattoo tips for tattoo beginners

1. Minors may not buy this tattoo kit without a parent or legal guardian. Minors may not receive a tattoo.
2. Please don’t use the ink in this kit to tattoo on real skin. It is recommended to buy radiant colors ink to tattoo on human skin.