Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246
Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246

Wireless Tattoo Kit WTK246

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About this item

· ❤️【True Wireless】- This tattoo kit comes with a pen-type tattoo machine in one piece, and one button to start. The wireless tattoo pen allows for complete freedom of movement, eliminating the need for cords or cables that can restrict your movements or get in the way. The tattoo gun is compatible with most tattoo cartridge needles on the market.

· ❤️【8-10 Hours Working Battery】- The wireless tattoo machine's battery capacity is 2100mAh. When fully charged, about 8 hours to work at 8V, and 10 hours at 6V. Can be used for long-time tattooing, greatly improving your work efficiency. TYPE-C interface, adjustable voltage: 6-8V.

· ❤️【Powerful Motor】- This tattoo pen was made with precision carving technology and was equipped with a high-quality direct-drive motor. 8V 8000 rpm, low noise, fast coloring, will not get hot during long-time tattooing. Stroke: 4mm, needle length: 0mm-4.2mm.

· ❤️【Precision Performance】- This tattoo machine kit comes with a high-quality tattoo pen that delivers exceptional precision and accuracy. Whether you're creating bold lines or intricate details, the tattoo pen provides smooth and consistent performance, with a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue during longer sessions.

· ❤️【Safe To Use】- The cartridge needles are made of high-quality material PVC and high-quality stainless steel, precisely assembled in a clean environment. Are individually packed in sealed bags. Wormhole tattoo cartridge needles have anti backflow design, which keeps pigment, dirt, etc. from entering the motor or client.


The Right Way To Start Tattoo!

Wormhole Tattoo focuses on exploration innovation all the time and keeps our product updated, therefore we can provide you with safe, convenient and reliable tattoo products.

Tattoo is becoming a part of our life. A tattoo pen kit is a good choice for tattoo artists to improve their tattoo skills.

Wormhole Tattoo offers a variety of tattoo equipment to meet customers’ different demands. Especially for the people who are in middle-income.


Why You Choose This Wirless Tattoo Pen Kit?

1. The tattoo pen that comes with this tattoo pen machine kit is a wireless tattoo pen that is easy to use. There are no complex and cumbersome operations.

2. This tattoo pen is equipped with a 2100 mAh battery. Charging for about 3 hours can provide 5-7 hours of efficient working time normally.

Something You Need to Know Before Tattooing:

· About the needle length:

After assembling the tattoo cartridge needle, the needle length must be adjusted first. Please make sure when the tattoo pen is at rest, the needle tip should not exceed the cartridge tip, otherwise, it will easily damage the skin while tattooing.

Novice tattoo artists please don't tattoo on human skin, please tattoo on the practice skin.

· About the tattoo ink:

The tattoo ink will precipitate during storage, please shake it well before use. Please do not dip in excess ink when tattooing, otherwise it will be easy to inkjet.

There are many reasons why the tattoo pigment is not colored. The pigment blocks the needle opening, the pigment is dipped too little, the thorn is too shallow, and the thorn is too deep. Please consult if you have any questions about the tattoo ink.



Needle Depth Locator

The needle depth locator can fix the needle length and improve your work efficiency.


Available Voltage: 6V 7V 8V 9V 11V One-click control!

Remaining Battery Level Display: 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

Type-C Charger

Type-C charging, USB port cable, compatible with all USB adapters.



Wireless Tattoo Pen Specification:

Battery capacity 2100mAh

Stroke Length 4mm

Adjustable Needle Depth 0 - 4.2mm

Motor Speed 8V /8000 rpm

Material Body made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Recommended Working Voltage 6V-8V

Charging Interface Type-C

Handle Diameter 32.2mm

Color Green

Weight 203g




Product details

· Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.91 x 7.72 x 3.03 inches; 1.68 Pounds

· Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Hangzhou Wormhole Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd


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