Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit for Starter
Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit for Starter
Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit for Starter

Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit for Starter

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Tattoo Pen Features

Tattoo pen length: 87.4mm
Tattoo pen grip diameter: 24mm
Lightweight:105g. most of the weight is in the center
2.8mm stroke length

Needle depth 0-2.8mm
10000 RMP at 8V
working voltage 6-11V
Stick stroke: cause less skin damage

Brushless Motor

This tattoo pen adopts a brushless motor and works powerfully. Less heat Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours.
“The advantages of a brushless motor over brushed motors are high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, nearly instantaneous control of speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance.”–Wikipedia

A short stroke length (1.8-2.8mm) means your needles are going to move slowly, retract less, and hit softly. short strokes are perfect for soft shading and blending work. Tattoo artists who specialize in hyperrealism and black & grey count on soft stroke lengths a lot to get those smooth, seamless blends.

4 Steps to install it

Wireless Tattoo Pen

Wireless Tattoo Pen

Wireless Tattoo Pen

Wireless Tattoo Pen

Why choose this tattoo kit

Say goodbye to the clip cord and foot pedal. The battery keeps the machine perfectly balanced.

Excellent for travel.  This tattoo pen comes with a type-C cable. but you might want a second battery to keep the machine going all day long.

The battery lasts for 6 hours of work and takes 3 hours to recharge from empty. Working voltage: 6-11V. Battery capacity: 1200MAH

Tattoo Pen Kit Includes

1 X  Tattoo pen with RCA clip cord
1 X Wireless tattoo power supply
1 X Type-C power cable

2 X Tattoo grip tape
1 X Disposable gloves
40 X Tattoo needle cartridges (3RL 5RL 5RM 7RM)



Wormhole tattoo pen and power supply come with 1 year warranty.


The Tattoo foot pedal and clip cord come with 6-month warranty.

Tattoo Tips for beginners

Cartridge Needles

Round liner (marked RL) tattoo needles are used to make lines and details since they are packed tightly.

Cartridge Needles

Round magnums needles (marked RM) are used for shading and color fill. Compared with weaved magnum needles or flat needles, round magnums conform better to the skin, giving a more consistent line, better ink dispersion, and doing less skin damage.

Tattoo Pen

Please do not tattoo on human skin if you are not a professional tattoo artist. You may hurt yourself. If you still want to tattoo on real skin, you had better buy professional tattoo ink which can stick to the skin better than the ones in the kit.