Tattoo Machine or Tattoo Pen

Tattoo Machine or Tattoo Pen

Tattoos have been passed down since human origin, and tattoo engineer has improved the design many times. Whether it is the early hand needle or the current 3D tattoo technology. It not only witnessed the industrial process from handicraft to fully automatic. It also witnesses the change from street culture to mainstream art. Nowadays, tattoos are more often an artistic activity for people to show their individuality and beliefs. However, tattoo beginners don't know how to choose a tattoo machine. I will share the difference.

Coil tattoo machine

tattoo machine tattoo machine tattoo machine We know that the traditional tattoo machine uses the electromagnetic principle to act on the up and down movement of the armature to achieve needle penetration and contraction, while the tattoo pen uses the high-speed rotation of a small motor and torque to act on the tattoo needle to achieve penetration and contraction. Many tattoo artists highly praise tattoo pens because of their lightweight, low noise, and easy operation. 

Tattoo Pen Machine

tattoo pen

tattoo pen The tattoo pen is actually a type of tattoo machine, which combines the shape of the tattoo gun and the pen. Make a tattoo creation more comfortable. At present, many tattoo artists appreciate tattoo pens. Compared with traditional tattoo machines, it has the advantages of low noise, lightweight and convenient operation. The disadvantage is that a dedicated tattoo needle must be used, and the loss is relatively large. In fact, the working principle of the tattoo pen is basically similar to that of the traditional ones, except that there is an additional torque movement principle. tattoo pen tattoo pen In addition to the obvious difference in appearance, the coil tattoo gun and the tattoo pen have different structures and transmission methods. The tattoo machine is a traditional one, also called a coil machine. It uses electromagnetic principles to drive the coil to spray and suck. The needle moves up and down. The transmission mode of the tattoo pen is a motor, which drives the transmission rod through the motor, and then drives the needle tip to move up and down, so that the force is more even. The needles used by the two machines are different. The traditional tattoo gun has a long needle handle and the needle is relatively cheap. The needle of the tattoo pen is short and easy to replace, and the price is slightly more expensive.

Advantages and disadvantages

The two types of tattoo machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. The traditional machine is easy to control the color of the needle, the light color transition is natural, and the traditional large-area coloring is easy to master. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to change the needle, troublesome to adjust the machine, and the machine is too heavy and difficult to control. There are two types of machines for lining and shading. A tattoo artist needs two or more machines to make a tattoo. Because the tattoo pen has no shrapnel buffer, it has a strong force to penetrate the skin. It takes a certain skill and time to get used to making light colors. However, the body is light and easy to change the needle. You can use a tattoo pen to do lining and shading. The tattoo pen is also the future trend of tattoo tools. After all, it is relatively easy to operate, and improving work efficiency is the general trend. Tattoo pen or tattoo machine, which one would you choose?