The Best Tattoo Kits for professional tattoo artists in 2020

The Best Tattoo Kits for professional tattoo artists in 2020

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People's attitudes towards tattoos have changed dramatically, and permanent body art is rapidly becoming popular. As a result, more people are willing to spend money to buy tattoo equipment in tattoo shops.  "Tattoo artists" are from fringe professions to potentially profitable ones. career choice. More and more artists choose to pick up the tattoo kit and start practicing. However, the transition process can be daunting, for you have to figure out which machine, ink, and needles to buy. If you buy this stuff separately, it will cost a lot of money. To help beginners fix it, Wormhole Tattoo specially selected Top 2 tattoo kits. They can provide professional tattoo artists with the best equipment and tools they need. The most important is that they save them unnecessary choices, time, and money.

Pen-style tattoo kit

Tattoo-pen-kitsBeing in this niche for 5 years is not such a short time. That is the number of years that Wormhole Tattoo has been making tattooing technologies. If that is not something worth grabbing your attention then the real product definitely will. As one of the best suppliers of tattoo accessories, Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit updates to the latest features. And there is no way you will not fall in love with it at the first sight. One interesting development among tattoo machine producers takes an approach that borrows the shape of an actual pen for the design of their machine. The Wormhole Tattoo Ares Pen is one of these machines. Produced by one of the most trusted names in the tattoo machine industry, this sleek tattoo kit will not disappoint. Some people feel that the similarities in shape make this a tattoo design machine for beginners who are more experienced with pen and ink. A rotary machine that provides novice artists with a more versatile machine than coil machines. The Ares Pen in this tattoo kit can be used for line work, shading as well as colorwork. The tattoo pen body is aluminum, so it is extremely durable despite its light weight. And the variable motor has a range of 6-9 volts providing the artist with a higher level of control while remaining quiet. A pen-style tattoo kit is the best choice for beginners. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Ares Pen is the price. And the fact that it can be ordered as a beginner tattoo kit. A novice tattoo artist will get the Pen machine, a power supply with a foot pedal, clip cord, 20 needle cartridges. This tattoo kit can be the best choice for professional artists that tattoo for hours on end.

Coil tattoo kit for beginners

Tattoo machine kitIf you want to find the best tattoo kits for sale, you would not forget that Wormhole Tattoo is one of the pioneers. They know the game. When they make a piece then you can trust that it will give you the best results. Since its inception, many talented tattooists have found it useful and you can't blame them for sticking with it for all these years. This is the first coil tattoo kit we have looked at. Even though they may be more intimidating than rotary tattoo machines, coil machines are still the industry standard. The one downside to this for a beginner is that coil machines tend to be set up as either liners or shaders, so most professionals end up with at least two machines. Wormhole does provide two and four machines if you enjoy their product and want to upgrade. The machine in this tattoo kit is high-quality and the coils are 10-wraps to provide plenty of punching power for when using bigger needles. The craftsmanship of the machine makes this a durable product, but what sets this piece apart is all the extras that come in the kit. A digital power supply and foot pedal provide an artist with a high level of control. Fifty surgical-grade needles of different sizes and arrangements are also included in the tattoo kit along with 10 ink. All the rubber bands, grommets, and Allen wrenches necessary to set the machine up and keep it running smoothly are provided as well as ink caps, and rubber gloves to ensure proper hygiene.